After studying fine art at the Ontario College of Art and formally training as a goldsmith at George Brown College, Linda opened Penwarden Fine Jewellery in 2003, located in the quiet Toronto enclave of Mount Pleasant. Her store has earned Linda a strong local reputation for providing timeless, elegant and unique jewellery designs. Her staff are a select team of knowledgeable experts who share Linda’s passion.

Linda’s signature style is modern and imaginative, playing homage to the natural hues and textures of precious gemstones and metals. Her designs represent a distillation of many styles. Everything superfluous is stripped away, leaving the beauty of form and colour to sing for themselves.

Custom designs represent a unique collaboration between Linda, her team and the customer. They have the talent and in-depth technical knowledge to guide clients through the design process and realize a vision together. A Penwarden custom piece is one to be treasured for a lifetime.

Linda and her team work only with diamonds that are either Canadian or conflict-free and all design and benchwork is performed in the workshop located above her store. 90% of all work is done in-house, with remaining processes completed locally in Toronto. Linda closely oversees her team’s work, from wax moulds to actual benchwork, while she concentrates on designs and collection concepts. This intimate process ensures a finished product of the highest standards, manufactured locally, ethically and with integrity.